Riccardo Massironi
Riccardo Massironi
Concept Design | Stage Design

Riccardo Massironi

Concept Design | Stage Design

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About Me

I'm a Set Designer since 1993. When I created my first own construction out of Lego pieces.
From childhood I developed a great passion for drawing, creating new worlds and stuff that I like(goggles, maquette, little props).
In the past years I've started use mostly Digital Media, but I don't miss a moment for go back on my sketch book with my pen&felt tip pens.
My work explores a variety of subjects all related with Design, I love study new cultures and learn from them.
Since I'm Italian I love good food and Art, as designer my favourite is the 3rd art : Architecture.
I am also open to collaborate and willing to interact with other artists from the globe.
Thanks for having read this!
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